Space Structure – An Introduction

Since the beginning of the commercial use of space frame in the fields, the space frame  is an efficient and light structure type compare to conventional beam-column typed structure, where there is a need to avoid columns in long span structure system. Though space structure has been used in large span structure in limited cases, recently by aesthetic architectural emphasis many new large span facilities are on construction with space structure system. And space structure is relatively lightweight; easy transportation, flexible work-ability, and time save for construction.

These economic advantages have been verified by laboratory structures and similar practical structures. When space structure is formed with a certain shape by post tension, its behavior is known a nonlinear one. Through model test and nonlinear finite element analysis, the behavior characteristic and the feasibility of formation for space structure with ball type joints were verified, and as a result, it can be used in the prediction of final shape for the space structure.

Space structures generally consist of double grids and multiple layers in flat or free form. Flat space frames have typically used as roofing systems, but can also be used  for Coal storage sheds, limestone storage shed, clinker storage shed, gypsum storage shed, Bulk storage dome, Additives storage, Coal storage building, Airport Steel Structure manufacturer, Airport terminal buildings, structural load frame manufacturers, Airplane and Aviation Hangars, Aircraft hangars, long span structures architecture can also be built from space frames.

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