Space Structure – Today’s Aesthetic and Emerging Trend

Space Frame

Space Structure (or in other words Space Frame) is a light-weight three-dimensional geometrical steel structure created from interconnecting struts in a specialized and well engineered geometrical pattern. These large span Structure are formed by assembling the pre-manufactured steel rods (linear elements) in such a way to uniformly distribute the overall load. The Company, Speco Engineering Pvt … Read more

O – Space Systems – An Enhanced technology of Pre Engineered building

O-Space Systems Application – An iconic project done by Speco Engineering Pvt. Ltd

O-Space system is highly reliable as it is manufactured using premium quality raw material sourced from best quality iron ore and because of the quality check process through which these O-Space systems  passes to ensure qualitative systems at customer’s end. O-Space systems are appreciated in the market for their flexible designs and aesthetics. O-Space systems … Read more