Indian Habitat Center – A Space Frame Project by Speco Engineering

The India Habitat Centre is a multipurpose building in New DelhiIndia. India, Housing and environmental studies, commercial and social spaces, the Indian Habitat Centre is India’s most comprehensive convention center. The chairperson of HUDCO and the architect Joseph Allen Stein decided to radically change the traditional image of an office building as an architectural project and transformed it into an urban design project. The space was designed to permit the members of the Centre to share services both inside and outside the building with multiple courtyards, common meeting rooms, shared parking area, library, restaurants, museum, and hotels, some of which are open to the public. Constructed on nine acres in an urban area, the building eschewed traditional building materials and techniques.


Indian Habitat center Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003 by Speco Engineering Pvt Ltd.  We have done space frame with sunscreen in the country yard of the prestigious complex to provide better environment in July 1994.


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