Space Structure – Today’s Aesthetic and Emerging Trend

Space Frame

Space Structure (or in other words Space Frame) is a light-weight three-dimensional geometrical steel structure created from interconnecting struts in a specialized and well engineered geometrical pattern. These large span Structure are formed by assembling the pre-manufactured steel rods (linear elements) in such a way to uniformly distribute the overall load. The Company, Speco Engineering Pvt … Read more



Built for the Trade Fair Authority of India at Pragati maidan , New Delhi in 1982 by Speco engineering pvt Ltd. The complex was planned, designed and constructed within a period of 18 months. It constitutes a central hall having a clear span of 44m and a height of 22m supported on 8 hollow circular … Read more

Indian Habitat Center – A Space Frame Project by Speco Engineering

The India Habitat Centre is a multipurpose building in New Delhi, India. India, Housing and environmental studies, commercial and social spaces, the Indian Habitat Centre is India’s most comprehensive convention center. The chairperson of HUDCO and the architect Joseph Allen Stein decided to radically change the traditional image of an office building as an architectural project and transformed it into an … Read more

O – Space Systems – An Enhanced technology of Pre Engineered building

O-Space Systems Application – An iconic project done by Speco Engineering Pvt. Ltd

O-Space system is highly reliable as it is manufactured using premium quality raw material sourced from best quality iron ore and because of the quality check process through which these O-Space systems  passes to ensure qualitative systems at customer’s end. O-Space systems are appreciated in the market for their flexible designs and aesthetics. O-Space systems … Read more