Bulk storage, coal storage shed

BULK STORAGE –┬áSafest storage solution in the market for coal and lime stone

Industrial storage sheds can be any shape or size, most commonly used shapes are barrel vault (Curved) and dome structure, O-space structure are a cost effective way to utilize space inside structure.

Our bulk storage sheds are a quick and cost-effective solution to protect dry materials such as minerals & ores, coal, road salt & abrasives, biomass, sand and many others.

An operators of power plant, cement plants and factories need solution for their storage of coal, lime, iron ore and raw material they turn to O-space structure because conventional structure has restrictions of post and beam systems space and efficiency. Our structure is best way to permit the flow of coal, lime, iron ore and raw material with column-free area or clear span.

O-Space structure is designed in such a way that it is capable of withstanding at all-terrain any geographical challenge, any altitude, and any climate, No matter where operations are underway. Gruelling snow loads, typhoon-force winds, and corrosive salt water.

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