Chandigarh Airport structure


Airports have been gaining popularity since the past decade due to increasing number of travellers and industrial development across India. For a city to attract and retain corporations with national and global ties more and more airport connectivity is required. These projects are divided into three parts which are Terminal, Runway and control tower. Speco engineering Pvt Ltd provides a variety of solutions to such projects. Listed below are the application of our products at airports:


Space frame is a three dimensional structure which is an ideal solution for structures which demand high column free space. It also enhances the aesthetics of the buildings. The 3D behavior ensures optimum utilisation of material. The quality of roofing is exceptionally good as the deflections are almost negligible. Despite their light weight, these structures are designed to carry much heavier load and have a huge spanning capacity. Installation time is minimal as the material is pre fabricated from the factory. It is our commitment to quality due to which only our structure survived at Vishakapatnam Airport during the cyclone (HUDHUD) in 2014 saving hundreds of lives.


PEB is often used for Terminal, Hangar, parking applications. It offers a futuristic solution for creating durable, light weight and efficient structures in cost effective manner. Apart from great flexibility of designing and minimal construction time offered by PEB’s, they are also preferred for their robustness and durability. Moreover, it is possible to add a wide range of structural and non structural components, which enhances their aesthetic appeal and also improve their usability.


Membrane structures are often used for Drive ways as well as to meet the aesthetic and architectural requirement at the airports. Textile supported by steel combines the high flexibility of use of this one, from reticular arches to infinite space geometries, with a singular covering applied only with optimum conditions in order to avoid abrasion and corrosion due to contact with main bearing structure. The all season use is guaranteed by a singular system of side opening in order to obtain maximum ventilation in hot season.

We at Speco are always striving to find new applications and uses of technologies to make airports functionally stronger.

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